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Skills available for Kansas fifth-grade social studies standards

IXL's fifth-grade skills will be aligned to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of fifth-grade standards below.

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Societies of North America: Lands and People: Ancient—1400s

  • In this unit, students consider the diversity of the various American Indian nations in what is today the United States and their unique experiences before European exploration. This will include their locations, populations, and cultural identities.

  • Students should analyze the impact of these nations on American society.

  • Ideas

    • migration

    • civilizations

    • shelter

    • culture

    • cultural groups

    • beliefs

    • archaeology

    • pre-Columbian societies of North America

  • People/Roles

    • Anasazi/Pueblo

    • Mississippian (Mound Builders)

    • Chinook

    • Iroquois League

    • Sioux

    • hunter-gatherers

    • early farmers

  • Places/Institutions

    • North America

    • Mississippi River Valley

    • Great Plains

    • Rocky Mountains

    • Woodland

    • Northwest coast

    • Southeast

  • Events

    • origin stories