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Skills available for Kansas sixth-grade social studies standards

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E Asian Empires (approx. 500 CE – approx. 1600 CE)

  • In this unit students will compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of China's dynasties.

  • They will investigate new inventions and technology in China and their impact on society.

  • They will investigate the growth of Buddhism and its increasing influence on life in China during the Sui and Tang dynasties.

  • Students will analyze the impact of trade on China and other nations, including their exports of tea, rice, silk, spices, and jade.

  • They will examine the influence of Confucianism on the government.

  • Students will evaluate dynastic cycles in China.

  • In this unit students will recognize the role of geography in impacting life in Japan, from developing a unique culture because of its isolation as an island to its reliance on seafood.

  • They will recognize the influence of China and Korea on Japanese culture.

  • Students will analyze the Shogunate in Japan after 1100.

  • They will recognize the decline of central power in Japan after the Mongol invasions of the 13th century.

  • E.C China

  • E.J Japan

  • E.Q Sample Compelling Questions

    • E.Q.1 How did the creation of an imperial court in Heian influence the growth of the arts in Japan?

    • E.Q.2 How did concepts of political power in Japan change over time?

    • E.Q.3 How did Confucian ideas influence government during the Song dynasty?

    • E.Q.4 How did the Mongol conquest change China?

    • E.Q.5 How did advancements in agriculture advance Chinese civilization?