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Skills available for Kansas eighth-grade social studies standards

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E The Rise of America: 1870s–1900

  • The period from the end of Reconstruction to the turn of the century was transformative. Students will investigate and analyze the settling and conquering of the West, the expansion of industry, the establishment of large transportation networks, immigration from Europe, urban growth, accumulation of great wealth in the hands of a few, the rise of organized labor, and increased American involvement in foreign affairs.

  • Students should also recognize and evaluate the political programs and activities of Populists, Progressives, and other reformers.

  • E.I Ideas

    • E.I.1 imperialism

    • E.I.2 populism

    • E.I.3 progressivism

    • E.I.4 westward expansion

    • E.I.5 growth of cities

    • E.I.6 immigration

    • E.I.7 rise of big business

    • E.I.8 organized labor

    • E.I.9 agribusiness

    • E.I.10 spoils system

    • E.I.11 Social Darwinism

    • E.I.12 Federal American Indian policy

  • E.PR People/Roles

    • E.PR.1 William Jennings Bryan

    • E.PR.2 Eugene Debs

    • E.PR.3 Susan B. Anthony

    • E.PR.4 robber barons/captains of industry

    • E.PR.5 Thomas Nast

    • E.PR.6 Boss Tweed

    • E.PR.7 Buffalo Bill Cody

    • E.PR.8 Red Cloud

    • E.PR.9 George Custer

    • E.PR.10 Samuel Gompers

  • E.PI Places/Institutions

    • E.PI.1 Cuba

    • E.PI.2 Philippines

    • E.PI.3 Wounded Knee

    • E.PI.4 Ellis Island and Angel Island

    • E.PI.5 Chicago

    • E.PI.6 settlement houses

  • E.E Events

    • E.E.1 Spanish-American War

    • E.E.2 Indian Wars

    • E.E.3 Haymarket Tragedy

    • E.E.4 Sherman Anti-Trust Act

    • E.E.5 Chinese Exclusion Act

    • E.E.6 Dawes Act

    • E.E.7 Ghost Dance

    • E.E.8 Oklahoma Land Rush

    • E.E.9 Plessy v. Ferguson

  • E.Q Sample Compelling Questions

    • E.Q.1 What would motivate Americans to settle the West?

    • E.Q.2 In what ways were immigrants discriminated against and how did Americans attempt to justify it?

    • E.Q.3 Why would so many American Indians support the Ghost Dance?

    • E.Q.4 How are the Populist movements of the late 1800s and twenty-first-century movements such as the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street similar and different?

    • E.Q.5 Why would places like Cuba and the Philippines be so important to America during the late 1800s?