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Skills available for New Jersey fifth-grade social studies standards

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6.1.5 U.S. History: America in the World by the End of Grade 5

6.3.5 Active Citizenship in the 21st Century by the end of Grade 5

  • 6.3.5.CivicsPD Civics, Government, and Human Rights: Participation and Deliberation

  • 6.3.5.GeoHE Geography, People, and the Environment: Human Environment Interaction

    • 6.3.5.GeoHE.1 Plan and participate in an advocacy project to inform others about the impact of climate change at the local or state level and propose possible solutions.

  • 6.3.5.GeoGI Geography, People, and the Environment: Global Interconnections

    • 6.3.5.GeoGI.1 Use technology to collaborate with others who have different perspectives to examine global issues, including climate change and propose possible solutions.

  • 6.3.5.EconET Economics, Innovation, and Technology: Economic Ways of Thinking

    • 6.3.5.EconET.1 Investigate an economic issue that impacts children and propose a solution.