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Skills available for North Carolina fourth-grade science standards

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Forces and Motion

Matter: Properties and Change

Energy: Conservation and Transfer

  • NCES.4.P.3 Recognize that energy takes various forms that may be grouped based on their interaction with matter.

    • NCES.4.P.3.1 Recognize the basic forms of energy (light, sound, heat, electrical, and magnetic) as the ability to cause motion or create change.

    • NCES.4.P.3.2 Recognize that light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object or travels from one medium to another, and that light can be reflected, refracted, and absorbed.

Earth in the Universe

  • NCES.4.E.1 Explain the causes of day and night and phases of the moon.

    • NCES.4.E.1.1 Explain the cause of day and night based on the rotation of Earth on its axis.

    • NCES.4.E.1.2 Explain the monthly changes in the appearance of the moon, based on the moon's orbit around the Earth.

Earth History


Molecular Biology