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Skills available for North Carolina eighth-grade science standards

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P Physical Science

E Earth and Space Science

  • Earth Systems, Structures and Processes

    • NCES.8.E.1 Understand the hydrosphere and the impact of humans on local systems and the effects of the hydrosphere on humans.

      • NCES.8.E.1.1 Explain the structure of the hydrosphere including: water distribution on Earth and local river basins and water availability.

      • NCES.8.E.1.2 Summarize evidence that Earth's oceans are a reservoir of nutrients, minerals, dissolved gases, and life forms: estuaries; marine ecosystems; upwelling; behavior of gases in the marine environment; value and sustainability of marine resources; and deep ocean technology and understandings gained.

      • NCES.8.E.1.3 Predict the safety and potability of water supplies in North Carolina based on physical and biological factors, including: temperature; dissolved oxygen; pH; nitrates and phosphates; turbidity; and bio-indicators.

      • NCES.8.E.1.4 Conclude that the good health of humans requires: monitoring of the hydrosphere; water quality standards; methods of water treatment; maintaining safe water quality; and stewardship.

  • Earth History

    • NCES.8.E.2 Understand the history of Earth and its life forms based on evidence of change recorded in fossil records and landforms.

L Life Science