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Skills available for North Carolina seventh-grade social studies standards

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7.B Behavioral Sciences

7.C&G Civics and Government

  • 7.C&G.1 Analyze modern governmental systems in terms of conflict and change.

    • 7.C&G.1.1 Explain how the power and authority of various types of governments have created conflict that has led to change.

    • 7.C&G.1.2 Distinguish how conflict between religious and secular thought and practice has contributed to change in government.

    • 7.C&G.1.3 Deconstruct changes of various modern governments in terms of the benefits and costs to its citizens.

    • 7.C&G.1.4 Summarize new ideas that changed political thought in various nations, societies and regions.

7.E Economics

7.G Geography

7.H History