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Skills available for North Carolina seventh-grade social studies standards

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Geography and Environmental Literacy

  • NCES.7.G.1 Understand how geography, demographic trends, and environmental conditions shape modern societies and regions.

    • NCES.7.G.1.1 Explain how environmental conditions and human response to those conditions influence modern societies and regions (e.g. natural barriers, scarcity of resources and factors that influence settlement).

    • NCES.7.G.1.2 Explain how demographic trends (e.g. population growth and decline, push/pull factors and urbanization) lead to conflict, negotiation, and compromise in modern societies and regions.

    • NCES.7.G.1.3 Explain how natural disasters (e.g. flooding, earthquakes, monsoons and tsunamis), preservation efforts and human modification of the environment (e.g. recycling, planting trees, deforestation, pollution, irrigation systems and climate change) affect modern societies and regions.

  • NCES.7.G.2 Apply the tools of a geographer to understand modern societies and regions.

Economics and Financial Literacy

Civics and Governance

  • NCES.7.C&G.1 Understand the development of government in modern societies and regions.

    • NCES.7.C&G.1.1 Summarize the ideas that have shaped political thought in various societies and regions (e.g. Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution, democracy, communism and socialism).

    • NCES.7.C&G.1.2 Evaluate how the Western concept of democracy has influenced the political ideas of modern societies.

    • NCES.7.C&G.1.3 Compare the requirements for (e.g. age. gender, legal and economic status) and responsibilities of citizenship under various governments in modern societies (e.g. voting, taxes and military service).

    • NCES.7.C&G.1.4 Compare the sources of power and governmental authority in various societies (e.g. monarchs, dictators, elected officials, anti-governmental groups and religious, political factions).


  • NCES.7.C.1 Understand how cultural values influence relationships between individuals, groups and political entities in modern societies and regions.

    • NCES.7.C.1.1 Explain how culture unites and divides modern societies and regions (e.g. enslavement of various peoples, caste system, religious conflict and Social Darwinism).

    • NCES.7.C.1.2 Explain how cultural expressions (e.g. art, literature, architecture and music) influence modern society.