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Skills available for South Carolina pre-K math standards

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PK.M-4K-I Mathematics Processes

  • PK.M-4K-1.1 Use emergent mathematical knowledge as a problem-solving tool.

  • PK.M-4K-1.2 Generate conjectures based on personal experiences and simple reasoning.

  • PK.M-4K-1.3 Investigate solutions to simple problems.

  • PK.M-4K-1.4 Locate patterns in the environment.

  • PK.M-4K-1.5 Classify objects in their environment by color, shape, size or function.

  • PK.M-4K-1.6 Use appropriate vocabulary to communicate mathematical ideas.

  • PK.M-4K-1.7 Begin to show an awareness of numbers in the environment.

  • PK.M-4K-1.8 Integrate mathematical ideas into personal representations.

PK.M-4K-II Number and Operations

PK.M-4K-III Algebra

PK.M-4K-IV Geometry

PK.M-4K-V Measurement