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Skills available for Utah high school math standards

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N Number and Quantity

  • N.VM Vector and Matrix Quantities

    • Represent and model with vector quantities.

    • Perform operations on vectors.

      • N.VM.4 Add and subtract vectors.

      • N.VM.5 Multiply a vector by a scalar.

        • N.VM.5.a Represent scalar multiplication graphically by scaling vectors and possibly reversing their direction; perform scalar multiplication component-wise, e.g., as c(vx , vy) = (cvx , cvy).

        • N.VM.5.b Compute the magnitude of a scalar multiple cv using ||cv|| = |c|v. Compute the direction of cv knowing that when |c|v ≠ 0, the direction of cv is either along v (for c > 0) or against vs (for c < 0).

    • Perform operations on matrices and use matrices in applications.