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Skills available for Virginia second-grade language arts standards

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RS Research

  • RS.2.12 The student will conduct research by using available resources to gather information and answer questions to complete a research product.

    • RS.2.12.a Generate topics of interest.

    • RS.2.12.b Generate questions to gather information.

    • RS.2.12.c Identify pictures, texts, people, or media as sources of information.

    • RS.2.12.d Find information from provided sources.

    • RS.2.12.e Organize information in writing or a visual display.

    • RS.2.12.f Describe difference between plagiarism and using own words.

    • RS.2.12.EU.1 understand that research can be used to answer questions or solve problems

    • RS.2.12.EU.2 understand that various sources can help provide information

    • RS.2.12.EU.3 understand the meaning of plagiarism and learn to use own words when researching.

    • RS.2.12.EKSP.1 generate ideas for topics based on interest or content areas

    • RS.2.12.EKSP.2 work collaboratively to generate questions to gather information

    • RS.2.12.EKSP.3 identify pictures, various texts, media, or people that can be used as sources of information

    • RS.2.12.EKSP.4 use provided sources to gather information, answer questions, or solve problems

    • RS.2.12.EKSP.5 use templates or visual displays (e.g., graphic organizers, charts, graphs) to organize information

    • RS.2.12.EKSP.6 use own words to record information.