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Skills available for Virginia second-grade social studies standards

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  • 2.6 The student will develop map skills by using globes and maps of the world and the United States to locate

  • 2.7 The student will locate and describe the relationship between the environment and culture of

    • a the Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands;

    • b the Lakota of the Plains; and

    • c the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest.


  • 2.8 The student will describe natural resources (water, soil, wood, and coal), human resources (people at work), and capital resources (machines, tools, and buildings).

  • 2.9 The student will distinguish between the use of barter and the use of money in the exchange for goods and services.

  • 2.1 The student will explain that scarcity (limited resources) requires people to make choices about producing and consuming goods and services.