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Skills available for Virginia fifth-grade language arts standards

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RS Research

  • RS.5.9 The student will find, evaluate, and select appropriate resources to create a research product.

    • RS.5.9.a Construct questions about a topic.

    • RS.5.9.b Collect and organize information from multiple resources.

    • RS.5.9.c Evaluate the relevance, reliability, and credibility of information.

    • RS.5.9.d Give credit to sources used in research.

    • RS.5.9.e Avoid plagiarism and use own words.

    • RS.5.9.f Demonstrate ethical use of the Internet.

    • RS.5.9.EU.1 recognize, organize, and record information pertinent to the topic and blend ideas accurately

    • RS.5.9.EU.2 understand how information is to be collected, analyzed, evaluated, organized, and presented

    • RS.5.9.EU.3 understand the importance of avoiding plagiarism and giving credit to sources when gathering and reporting information and ideas

    • RS.5.9.EU.4 understand that there are consequences of plagiarism, according to the guidelines established by local school divisions.

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.1 formulate research questions based on a topic

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.2 identify search terms to use when searching for information

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.3 analyze and use information presented on charts, maps, and graphs

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.4 skim to find information related to a topic

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.5 select information that is related to the topic

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.6 decide if information is relevant to the topic and reliable and credible for use

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.7 evaluate and synthesize related information from two or more sources

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.8 develop notes that include important concepts, summaries, and identification of information sources

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.9 summarize or paraphrase information in notes and finished work

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.10 prevent plagiarism and its consequences by giving credit to authors when ideas or specific words are used in research

    • RS.5.9.EKSP.11 avoid plagiarism by giving credit whenever using another person's media, facts, graphics, music, and quotations.