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Skills available for Virginia pre-K math standards

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PK.1 The child will count with understanding and use numbers to tell how many, describe order, and compare.

PK.2 The child will recognize change in groups (sets/ collections) when objects are both added to and taken away from the groups (sets/collections).

PK.3 The child will identify and compare the attributes of length, capacity, weight, time, and temperature.

  • PK.3.a Recognize attributes of length by using the terms longer or shorter when comparing two objects.

  • PK.3.b Know the correct names for the standard tools used for telling time and temperature, and for measuring length, capacity, and weight (clocks, calendars, thermometers, rulers, measuring cups, and scales).

  • PK.3.c Use the appropriate vocabulary when comparing temperatures, e.g., hot, cold.

  • PK.3.d Use appropriate vocabulary when describing duration of time, e.g., hour, day, week, month, morning, afternoon, and night.

PK.4 The child will describe simple geometric shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, and square) and indicate their position in relation to an individual and to other objects.

PK.5 The child will participate in the data gathering process in order to answer questions of interest.

PK.6 The child will identify simple patterns of concrete objects and use them to recognize relationships.