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Skills available for Washington fifth-grade social studies standards

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SSS Social Studies Skills

  • SSS1.5 Uses critical reasoning skills to analyze and evaluate claims.

    • SSS1.5.1 Evaluate the relevance of facts used in forming a position on an issue or event.

    • SSS1.5.2 Construct arguments using claims and evidence from multiple sources.

    • SSS1.5.3 Construct explanations using reasoning, correct sequence, examples, and details with relevant information and data.

  • SSS2.5 Uses inquiry-based research.

    • SSS2.5.1 Explain how supporting questions help answer compelling questions in an inquiry.

    • SSS2.5.2 Determine the kinds of sources that will be helpful in answering compelling and supporting questions, taking into consideration the different opinions people have about how to answer the questions.

    • SSS2.5.3 Critique arguments.

    • SSS2.5.4 Critique explanations.

  • SSS3.5 Deliberates public issues.

    • SSS3.5.1 Explain different strategies and approaches students and others could take in working alone and together to address local, regional, and global problems, and predict possible results of their actions.

    • SSS3.5.2 Use a range of deliberative and democratic procedures to make decisions about and act on civic problems in their classrooms and schools.

  • SSS4.5 Creates a product that uses social studies content to support a claim and presents the product in a manner that meaningfully communicates with a key audience.

    • SSS4.5.1 Research multiple perspectives to take a position on a public or historical issue in a paper or presentation.

    • SSS4.5.2 Prepare a works cited page that connects with in-text attributions that are aligned to a style of citation (i.e. MLA, APA, etc.) with more publication detail.

    • SSS4.5.3 Use evidence to develop claims in response to compelling questions.

    • SSS4.5.4 Present a summary of arguments and explanations to others outside the classroom using print and oral technologies (e.g., posters, essays, letters, debates, speeches, and reports) and digital technologies (e.g., Internet, social media, and digital documentary).

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