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Skills available for West Virginia fourth-grade social studies standards

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C Civics

  • C.SS.4.1 Identify, explain and critique commonly held American democratic values, principles and beliefs (e.g., diversity, family values, community service, justice, liberty, etc.) through established documents (e.g., Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.).

  • C.SS.4.2 Compare and contrast the powers of each branch of government and identify the responsibilities and rights of United States citizens.

  • C.SS.4.3 Explore the concepts of rule of law to create a visual or oral presentation of how these concepts protect individual rights and the common good.

  • C.SS.4.4 Demonstrate patriotism by creating and implementing school/community service projects (e.g., litter cleanup, fundraisers for community groups, participation in community holiday parades, celebrations, services, etc.).

E Economics

  • E.SS.4.5 Investigate and recognize people as consumers and as producers of goods, and the effects of competition and supply-demand on prices through projects (e.g., developing budgets or products in simulated situations, etc.).

  • E.SS.4.6 Determine jobs that are needed according to supply and demand on a national level.

  • E.SS.4.7 Research and examine how slavery and indentured servitude influenced the early economy of the United States by constructing graphics (e.g., charts, graphs, tables and grids, etc.) displaying the effect of having slaves and indentured servants.

G Geography

H History

WVH WV History

  • WVH.SS.4.17 Analyze the impact of West Virginia's geography on transportation, settlement, jobs, clothing, food, shelter, services and interaction with others outside the state.

  • WVH.SS.4.18 Compare and contrast West Virginia's population, products, resources and transportation from the 18th century through modern day.

  • WVH.SS.4.19 Pose, research and answer student-generated questions relating to West Virginia (e.g., primary source documents, magazines, online resources, etc.).