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Skills available for West Virginia eighth-grade social studies standards

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C Civics

E Economics

  • SS.8.6 Evaluate West Virginia's role in the global economy as it relates to natural resources and national/ international business and trade.

  • SS.8.7 Correlate West Virginia economic conditions with the effects on its citizens (e.g., employment, population, migration and health).

  • SS.8.8 Analyze the impact of absentee ownership, renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, labor unionization and the development of infrastructure on the economic growth of West Virginia (e.g., railroad, major highways, internet and cellular service).

  • SS.8.9 Research and cite industries and products that are vital to the economy of the four regions of West Virginia both past and present, and categorize the related occupations (e.g., tourism, coal, glass, timber, chemical, oil, natural gas, agriculture service industries and gaming).

  • SS.8.10 Identify major sources of revenue and their use by West Virginia state and local governments (e.g., property tax, income tax, licenses, excise tax, severance tax, levies/bonds, gaming and lottery).

  • SS.8.11 Compare and contrast the effects of technological/industrial advances as they relate to economy vs. environment and their effects on the demographic profile of West Virginia (e.g., entrepreneurial businesses, agriculture, tourism, education, interstate commuters, mining and natural gas).

  • SS.8.12 Examine financial aid planning opportunities and programs to help students and families make sound college savings decisions.

    • Banks (8-F.1)
    • SS.8.12.a Differentiate between the categories of financial aid (merit-based assistance, need-based assistance, grants, scholarships, work study, loans, self-help aid).

    • SS.8.12.b Explore West Virginia's SMART 529 program and other college saving plans.

    • SS.8.12.c Create a Financial Aid and College Savings Plan utilizing free resources such as CFWV's Financial Aid Calculators, Scholarship Finder, and Financial Aid Wizard.

    • SS.8.12.d Construct a personal budget that includes college savings.

G Geography

H History