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Skills available for Wisconsin second-grade science standards

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A Students in Wisconsin will understand that there are unifying themes: systems, order, organization, and interactions; evidence, models, and explanations; constancy, change, and measurement; evolution, equilibrium, and energy; form and function among scientific disciplines.

B Students in Wisconsin will understand that science is ongoing and inventive, and that scientific understandings have changed over time as new evidence is found.

C Students in Wisconsin will investigate questions using scientific methods and tools, revise their personal understanding to accommodate knowledge, and communicate these understandings to others.

D Students in Wisconsin will demonstrate an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of matter, the forms and properties of energy, and the ways in which matter and energy interact.

E Students in Wisconsin will demonstrate an understanding of the structure and systems of earth and other bodies in the universe and of their interactions.

F Students in Wisconsin will demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and structures of living things, the processes of life, and how living things interact with one another and their environment.

G Students in Wisconsin will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between science and technology and the ways in which that relationship influences human activities.

  • G.4.1 Identify the technology used by someone employed in a job or position in Wisconsin and explain how the technology helps

  • G.4.2 Discover what changes in technology have occurred in a career chosen by a parent, grandparent, or an adult friend over a long period of time

  • G.4.3 Determine what science discoveries have led to changes in technologies that are being used in the workplace by someone employed locally

  • G.4.4 Identify the combinations of simple machines in a device used in the home, the workplace, or elsewhere in the community, to make or repair things, or to move goods or people

  • G.4.5 Ask questions to find answers about how devices and machines were invented and produced

H Students in Wisconsin will use scientific information and skills to make decisions about themselves, Wisconsin, and the world in which they live.

  • H.4.1 Describe how science and technology have helped, and in some cases hindered, progress in providing better food, more rapid information, quicker and safer transportation, and more effective health care

  • H.4.2 Using the science themes, identify local and state issues that are helped by science and technology and explain how science and technology can also cause a problem

  • H.4.3 Show how science has contributed to meeting personal needs, including hygiene, nutrition, exercise, safety, and health care

  • H.4.4 Develop a list of issues that citizens must make decisions about and describe a strategy for becoming informed about the science behind these issues