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Skills available for Wisconsin eighth-grade social studies standards

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BH Behavioral Sciences

  • SS.BH1 Wisconsin students will examine individual cognition, perception, behavior, and identity (Psychology).

    • SS.BH1.a Individual cognition, perception, and behavior

      • SS.BH1.a.m Identify patterns such as culture, prior knowledge, family, peers, school, communities, and personal interests that influence a person's cognition, perception, and behavior.

    • SS.BH1.b Personal identity and empathy

      • SS.BH1.b.m Analyze how culture, ethnicity, race, age, religion, gender, and social class affect a person's self-image and identity and interactions with others.

  • SS.BH2 Wisconsin students will investigate and interpret interactions between individuals and groups (Sociology).

  • SS.BH3 Wisconsin students will assess the role that human behavior and cultures play in the development of social endeavors (Anthropology).

    • SS.BH3.a Social Interactions

      • SS.BH3.a.m Analyze how a person's local actions can have global consequences, and how global patterns and processes can affect seemingly unrelated local actions.

  • SS.BH4 Wisconsin students will examine the progression of specific forms of technology and their influence within various societies.

    • SS.BH4.a Progression of technology

      • SS.BH4.a.m Differentiate between intended and unintended consequences of various forms of technology and how they may affect societies and cultures.