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Skills available for Wisconsin eighth-grade social studies standards

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Econ Economics

  • SS.Econ1 Wisconsin students use economic reasoning to understand issues.

  • SS.Econ2 Wisconsin students will analyze how decisions are made and interactions occur among individuals, households, and firms/businesses (Microeconomics).

  • SS.Econ3 Wisconsin students will analyze how an economy functions as a whole (Macroeconomics).

    • SS.Econ3.a Economic Indicators

      • SS.Econ3.a.m Analyze how inflation, deflation, and unemployment affect different groups.

    • SS.Econ3.b Money

      • SS.Econ3.b.m.i Differentiate between the functions of money (i.e., medium of exchange, store of value, unit of account).

      • SS.Econ3.b.m.ii Assess how interest rates influence borrowing and investing.

    • SS.Econ3.c Economic Fluctuations and Business Cycles

      • SS.Econ3.c.m Define Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and compare the GDP of different nations.

  • SS.Econ4 Wisconsin students will evaluate government decisions and their impact on individuals, businesses, markets, and resources (Role of Government).

    • SS.Econ4.a Economic Systems and Allocation of Resources

      • SS.Econ4.a.m Compare and contrast how different economic systems (traditional, command, market, mixed) choose to allocate the production, distribution and consumption of resources (what/how/for whom is it produced).

    • SS.Econ4.b Institutions

      • SS.Econ4.b.m.i Compare and contrast the role of different economic institutions such as banks, labor unions, non-profits, and businesses in an economy.

      • SS.Econ4.b.m.ii Analyze rules and laws that protect and support both consumers (e.g., private property, zoning, contracts, agreements, and product safety) and workers (e.g., labor unions, regulations, minimum wage).

    • SS.Econ4.c Role of Government

      • SS.Econ4.c.m Analyze the impact of different government policies (e.g., taxation and government spending) on the economy.

    • SS.Econ4.d Impact of Government Interventions

      • SS.Econ4.d.m Analyze potential unintended costs and benefits (i.e., externalities) for a local or state law or policy.

    • SS.Econ4.e Specialization, Trade, and Interdependence

      • SS.Econ4.e.m.i Summarize the role of specialization on trade and cost of goods/services.

      • SS.Econ4.e.m.ii Identify examples of U.S. exports and imports.