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Skills available for Wyoming fourth-grade science standards

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1 In the context of unifying concepts and processes, students develop an understanding of scientific content through inquiry. Science is a dynamic process; concepts and content are best learned through inquiry and investigation. Concepts in Life Systems, Earth and Space Systems, and Physical Systems are taught within the context of the following Unifying Concepts and Processes of Science:

2 Students demonstrate knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary to safely perform scientific inquiry. Inquiry is the foundation for the development of content, teaching students the use of processes of science that enable them to construct and develop their own knowledge. Inquiry requires appropriate field, classroom, and laboratory experiences with suitable facilities and equipment.

3 Students recognize the nature of science, its history, and its connections to personal, social, economic, and political decisions. Historically, scientific events have had significant impacts on our cultural heritage.

  • SC4.3.1 Students recognize the nature and history of science.

    • Discuss how scientific ideas change over time.

    • Describe contributions of scientists.

  • SC4.3.2 Students recognize how scientific information is used to make decisions.

    • Identify and describe local science issues, such as environmental hazards or resource management.

    • Suggest feasible solutions and personal action plans to address an identified issue.