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Skills available for Alabama second-grade social studies standards

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1 Relate principles of American democracy to the founding of the nation.

2 Identify national historical figures and celebrations that exemplify fundamental democratic values, including equality, justice, and responsibility for the common good.

3 Use various primary sources, including calendars and timelines, for reconstructing the past.

4 Use vocabulary to describe segments of time, including year, decade, score, and century.

5 Differentiate between a physical map and a political map.

  • Using vocabulary associated with geographical features, including latitude, longitude, and border

6 Identify states, continents, oceans, and the equator using maps, globes, and technology.

7 Explain production and distribution processes.

8 Describe how scarcity affects supply and demand of natural resources and human-made products.

9 Describe how and why people from various cultures immigrate to the United States.

  • Describing the importance of cultural unity and diversity within and across groups

10 Identify ways people throughout the country are affected by their human and physical environments.

  • Comparing physical features of regions throughout the United States

  • Identifying positive and negative ways people affect the environment

  • Recognizing benefits of recreation and tourism at state and national parks

11 Interpret legends, stories, and songs that contributed to the development of the cultural history of the United States.