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Skills available for Alabama third-grade social studies standards

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Map skills

Humans and the environment

  • 3 Describe ways the environment is affected by humans in Alabama and the world.

    • Using vocabulary associated with human influence on the environment, including irrigation, aeration, urbanization, reforestation, erosion, and migration

  • 4 Relate population dispersion to geographic, economic, and historic changes in Alabama and the world.

Resources and trade

  • 5 Compare trading patterns between countries and regions.

  • 6 Identify conflicts within and between geographic areas involving use of land, economic competition for scarce resources, opposing political views, boundary disputes, and cultural differences.

    • Identifying examples of cooperation among governmental agencies within and between different geographic areas

    • Locating areas of political conflict on maps and globes

    • Explaining the role of the United Nations (UN) and the United States in resolving conflict within and between geographic areas

  • 7 Describe the relationship between locations of resources and patterns of population distribution.

    • Locating major natural resources and deposits throughout the world on topographical maps

    • Comparing present-day mechanization of labor with the historical use of human labor for harvesting natural resources

    • Explaining the geographic impact of using petroleum, coal, nuclear power, and solar power as major energy sources in the twenty-first century

Regional geography

  • 8 Identify geographic links of land regions, river systems, and interstate highways between Alabama and other states.

    • Locating the five geographic regions of Alabama

    • Locating state and national parks on a map or globe

  • 9 Identify ways to prepare for natural disasters.

Civics and government


  • 13 Describe prehistoric and historic American Indian cultures, governments, and economics in Alabama.

    • Identifying roles of archaeologists and paleontologists