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Skills available for Arizona pre-K math standards

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PK.1 Counting and Cardinality

PK.2 Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • PK.2.1 The child combines and separates groups of objects and names how many.

    • PK. Learning the meaning of a number begins with hands-on experiences using a variety of objects found in the home, the classroom, and nature. To build an understanding of numbers and to discover number relationships, children need opportunities to describe the changes that result from putting sets of objects (e.g., blocks, animals, toy people) together or taking them apart.

  • PK.2.2 The child recognizes, copies, extends, describes and creates patterns.

    • PK. Recognition and investigation of patterns are important components of a child's development. A child's ability to work with patterns is the precursor to mathematical thinking, especially algebraic processes. Children need frequent opportunities to engage in pattern-related activities such as playing with repetitive sounds and movement or noticing patterns in textures and pictures.

PK.3 Measurement and Data

  • PK.3.1 The child sorts and groups objects by a variety of characteristics/attributes.

  • PK.3.2 The child collects, organizes, displays, and describes relevant data.

    • PK. Children are natural observers and questioners. To build upon this strength, adults should facilitate children's opportunities to ask questions, sort and classify objects, collect and display information, and talk about what is meaningful to them.

      • PK.3.2.a Asks questions to gather information.

      • PK.3.2.b Displays data to answer simple questions about themselves or the environment.

      • PK.3.2.c Uses descriptive language to compare data in picture graphs or other concrete representations.

      • PK.3.2.d Uses charts and graphs to analyze information or answer questions.

  • PK.3.3 The child uses measurement to describe and compare objects in the environment.

PK.4 Geometry