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Skills available for Arizona fourth-grade social studies standards

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4.SP Disciplinary Skills and Processes

  • Chronological reasoning requires understanding processes of change and continuity over time, which means assessing similarities and differences between historical periods and between the past and present.

    • 4.SP1.1 Create and use a chronological sequence of related events to compare developments that happened at the same time.

    • 4.SP1.2 Compare life in specific historical time periods to life today.

    • 4.SP1.3 Generate questions about individuals and groups who have shaped significant historical events.

  • Thinking within the discipline involves the ability to identify, compare, and evaluate multiple perspectives about a given event to draw conclusions about that event since there are multiple points of view about events and issues.

    • 4.SP2.1 Explain why individuals and groups during the same historical period differed in their perspectives on issues and events.

    • 4.SP2.2 Explain connections among historical contexts and people's perspectives at the time.

  • Historians and Social Scientist gather, interpret, and use evidence to develop claims and answer historical, economic, geographical, and political questions and communicate their conclusions.

  • Thinking within the discipline involves the ability to analyze relationships among causes and effects and to create and support arguments using relevant evidence.

    • 4.SP4.1 Explain probable causes and effects of events and developments.

    • 4.SP4.2 Summarize the central claim in a secondary work of history.

    • 4.SP4.3 Use evidence from multiple sources to develop and communicate claims about the causes and effects of events.

4.C Civics

4.E Economics

4.G Geography

4.H History

  • The development of civilizations, societies, cultures, and innovations have influenced history and continue to impact the modern world.

    • 4.H1.1 Utilizing a variety of multi-genre primary and secondary sources, construct historical narratives about cultures, civilizations, and innovations in the Americas.

  • Cycles of conflict and cooperation have shaped relations among people, places, and environments.

    • 4.H2.1 Describe the cycles of conflict and compromise that occurred in the Americas during the convergence of Europeans, American Indians, and Africans in the Americas before and after European exploration.

    • 4.H2.2 Analyze the different approaches used by the Spanish, Portuguese, British, and the French in their interactions with American Indians.

  • Economic, political, and religious ideas and institutions have influenced history and continue to shape the modern world.