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Skills available for Arizona fifth-grade social studies standards

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1 American History

2 World History

  • 1 Research Skills for History

    • PO 1 Use the following to interpret historical data:

      • a timelines – B.C.E. and B.C.; C.E. and A.D.

      • b graphs, tables, charts, and maps

    • PO 2 Construct timelines of the historical era being studied (e.g., presidents/ world leaders, key events, people).

    • PO 3 Describe the difference between primary and secondary sources.

    • PO 4 Locate information using both primary and secondary sources.

    • PO 5 Describe how archaeological research adds to our understanding of the past.

  • 2 Early Civilizations

  • 3 World in Transition

  • 4 Renaissance and Reformation

  • 5 Encounters and Exchange

    • PO 1 Describe the following effects of European exploration, trade, and colonization on other parts of the world:

      • a sea routes to Asia

      • b colonies established and settled

      • c increased power of European countries

      • d trade established between Europe, Africa, and Americas

      • e introduction of disease and the resulting population decline of Indigenous people

      • f triangular trade

    • PO 2 Describe ways in which Spain, France, and England competed for power.

  • 6 Age of Revolution

    • PO 1 Explain the rationale and characteristics of rebellion.

    • PO 2 Explain the impact that revolution has on a society.

    • PO 3 Compare the causes of the American Revolution to other revolutions around the world (e.g., France, Haiti, Mexico, South America, Russia).

    • PO 4 Compare the outcomes of the American Revolution to those of other revolutions around the world (e.g., France, Haiti, Mexico, South America, Russia).

  • 7 Age of Imperialism

  • 8 World at War

  • 9 Contemporary World

    • PO 1 Describe current events using information from class discussions and various resources (e.g., newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, books, maps).

    • PO 2 Use various resources (e.g., newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, books, maps) to discuss the connections between current events and historical events and issues from content studied in Strand 2.

3 Civics/Government

  • 1 Foundations of Government

  • 2 Structure of Government

  • 3 Functions of Government

    • PO 1 Explain ways in which the powers of the federal government differed from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution.

    • PO 2 Identify the process by which a bill becomes a law.

    • PO 3 Describe how the checks and balance system which established the three branches of the federal government works, as in Andrew Johnson’s impeachment.

    • PO 4 Explain the significance of the Dred Scott Decision.

    • PO 5 Compare the arguments for states’ rights versus the power of the federal government (e.g., the expansion of slavery, taxation).

  • 4 Rights, Responsibilities, and Roles of Citizenship

    • PO 1 Describe ways an individual can contribute to a school or community.

    • PO 2 Describe the character traits (i.e., respect, responsibility, fairness, involvement) that are important to the preservation and improvement of constitutional democracy in the United States.

    • PO 3 Describe the importance of citizens being actively involved in the democratic process (e.g., voting, student government, involvement in political decision making, analyzing issues, petitioning public officials).

  • 5 Government Systems of the World

    • PO 1 Describe the characteristics of a monarchy and a republic.

4 Geography

5 Economics