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Skills available for Arizona fifth-grade social studies standards

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5.SP Disciplinary Skills and Processes

5.C Civics

5.E Economics

  • A financially literate individual understands how to manage income, spending, and investment.

    • 5.E1.1 Give examples of financial risks that individuals and households face within the context of the time period studied.

  • By applying economic reasoning, individuals seek to understand the decisions of people, groups, and societies.

    • 5.E2.1 Compare the benefits and costs of individual choices within the context of key historical events.

  • Individuals and institutions are interdependent within market systems.

    • 5.E3.1 Develop an understanding of the characteristics of entrepreneurship within a market economy and apply these characteristics to individuals during the time-period studied.

  • The domestic economy is shaped by interactions between government, institutions, and the private sector.

  • The interconnected global economy impacts all individuals and groups in significant and varied ways.

5.G Geography

  • The use of geographic representations and tools help individuals understand their world.

  • Human-environment interactions are essential aspects of human life in all societies.

    • 5.G2.1 Describe how natural and human-caused changes to habitats or climate can impact our world.

  • Examining human population and movement helps individuals understand past, present, and future conditions on Earth's surface.

    • 5.G3.1 Use key historical events with geographic tools to analyze the causes and effects of environmental and technological events on human settlements and migration.

  • Global interconnections and spatial patterns are a necessary part of geographic reasoning.

    • 5.G4.1 Describe how economic activities, natural phenomena, and human-made events in one place or region are impacted by interactions with nearby and distant places or regions.

5.H History