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Skills available for Colorado sixth-grade social studies standards

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1 History

2 Geography

3 Economics

  • 1 Identify and analyze different economic systems

  • 2 Saving and investing are key contributors to financial well-being

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 Why is it important to save and invest?

      • 2 What types of items would an individual save for to purchase?

      • 3 What are risky investments and why would someone make that type of investment?

      • 4 Why is it important to research and analyze information prior to making financial decisions?

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 It's important to understand why to save and invest for the future.

      • 2 Technology allows individuals and businesses to track investment earnings.

      • 3 The creation of criteria for us of emergency funds helps to save responsibly.

      • 4 The comparison of returns of various savings and investment options and an adjustment of the investments for good financial decision-making.

    • Nature of Economics:

      • 1 Financially responsible individuals manage savings and investments for their financial well-being.

      • 2 Financially responsible individuals understand the risks and rewards associated with investing and saving.

4 Civics

  • 1 Analyze the interconnectedness of the United States and other nations

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 What does it mean to live in an interconnected world?

      • 2 How can you be a productive member of the global community and a contributing citizen of the United States?

      • 3 Why are there greater challenges and opportunities when multiple groups interact?

      • 4 Why are national and global viewpoints sometimes different?

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 Nations are interconnected and affect each other on a daily basis. For example, businesses are affected by the laws, regulations, nations and markets are damaged by drought, earthquakes and other natural disasters throughout the world.

      • 2 Technology provides daily information regarding the interaction between the United States government and other nations.

    • Nature of Civics:

      • 1 Responsible community members discuss and analyze how various government decisions impact people, places, and history.

      • 2 Responsible community members analyze how the actions of individuals and groups can have a local, nation, and international impact.

      • 3 Responsible community members analyze the relationship between rights and responsibility in national and global contexts.

  • 2 Compare multiple systems of government

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 How do you define good government?

      • 2 What evidence can you find of effective and ineffective governments in the past and the present?

      • 3 What would a government look like if you created it?

      • 4 What are the consequences if a government does not provide for the common good?

    • Relevance and Application:

    • Nature of Civics:

      • 1 Responsible community members discuss personal and national actions and their global consequences.

      • 2 Responsible community members identify ways in which lives are enriched and challenged because of the interconnected nature of a global society.