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Skills available for Colorado fourth-grade social studies standards

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SS.4.1 History

  • SS.4.1.1 Analyze primary and secondary sources from multiple points of view to develop an understanding of the history of Colorado.

    • SS.4.1.1.a Draw inferences about Colorado history from primary sources such as journals, diaries, maps, etc.

    • SS.4.1.1.b Identify cause-and-effect relationships using primary sources to understand the history of Colorado's development.

    • SS.4.1.1.c Explain, through multiple perspectives, the cause-and-effect relationships in the human interactions among people and cultures that have lived in or migrated to Colorado.

    • SS.4.1.1.d Identify and describe how major political and cultural groups have affected the development of the region.

  • SS.4.1.2 The historical eras, individuals, groups, ideas, and themes in Colorado history and their relationship to key events in the United States within the same historical period.

    • SS.4.1.2.a Construct a timeline of the major events in Colorado history.

    • SS.4.1.2.b Explain the relationship between major events in Colorado history and events in United States history during the same era.

    • SS.4.1.2.c Describe both past and present interactions among the people and cultures in Colorado.

    • SS.4.1.2.d Describe the impact of various technological developments.

SS.4.2 Geography

  • SS.4.2.1 Use geographic tools to research and answer questions about Colorado geography.

    • SS.4.2.1.a Answer questions about Colorado regions using maps and other geographic tools.

    • SS.4.2.1.b Use geographic grids to locate places on and answer questions about maps and images of Colorado.

    • SS.4.2.1.c Create and investigate geographic questions about Colorado in relation to other places.

    • SS.4.2.1.d Illustrate, using geographic tools, how places in Colorado have changed and developed over time due to human activity.

    • SS.4.2.1.e Describe similarities and differences between the physical geography of Colorado and its neighboring states.

  • SS.4.2.2 Connections are developed within and across human and physical systems.

    • SS.4.2.2.a Describe how the physical environment provides opportunities for and places constraints on human activities.

    • SS.4.2.2.b Explain how physical environments influenced and limited immigration into the state.

    • SS.4.2.2.c Analyze how people use geographic factors in creating settlements and have adapted to and modified the local physical environment.

    • SS.4.2.2.d Describe how places in Colorado are connected by movement of goods, services, and technology.

SS.4.3 Economics

  • SS.4.3.1 People respond to positive and negative incentives.

    • SS.4.3.1.a Define positive and negative economic incentives and describe how people typically respond when given positive or negative incentives.

    • SS.4.3.1.b In a given situation, create a plan of appropriate incentives to achieve a desired result.

    • SS.4.3.1.c Give examples of the kinds of goods and services produced in Colorado in different historical periods and their connection to economic incentives.

    • SS.4.3.1.d Explain how productive resources (natural, human, and capital) have influenced the types of goods produced and services provided in Colorado.

  • SS.4.3.2 Determine the opportunity cost when making a choice (PFL).

    • SS.4.3.2.a Define choice and opportunity cost.

    • SS.4.3.2.b Determine the relationship between long-term goals and opportunity cost.

    • SS.4.3.2.c Analyze scenarios of choices including opportunity cost.

SS.4.4 Civics

  • SS.4.4.1 Identify, investigate, and analyze multiple perspectives on civic issues.

    • SS.4.4.1.a Give examples of issues faced by the state of Colorado and develop possible solutions.

    • SS.4.4.1.b Provide supportive arguments for both sides of a current public policy debate.

    • SS.4.4.1.c Discuss how various individuals and groups influence the way an issue affecting the state is viewed and resolved.

    • SS.4.4.1.d Identify and use appropriate sources to investigate and analyze multiple perspectives of issues.

  • SS.4.4.2 The origins, structures, and functions of the Colorado government.

    • SS.4.4.2.a Explain the historical foundation and events that led to the Colorado Constitution and the formation of the three branches of Colorado government.

    • SS.4.4.2.b Identify and explain a variety of roles leaders, citizens, and others play in state government.

    • SS.4.4.2.c Identify and explain the services state government provides and how those services are funded.

    • SS.4.4.2.d Describe how the decisions of the state government affect local government and interact with federal law.

    • SS.4.4.2.e Describe how a citizen might engage in state government to demonstrate their rights or initiate change.