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Skills available for Colorado fourth-grade social studies standards

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SS.4.1 History

SS.4.2 Geography

SS.4.3 Economics

SS.4.4 Civics

  • SS.4.4.1 Identify, investigate, and analyze multiple perspectives on civic issues.

    • SS.4.4.1.a Give examples of issues faced by the state of Colorado and develop possible solutions.

    • SS.4.4.1.b Provide supportive arguments for both sides of a current public policy debate.

    • SS.4.4.1.c Discuss how various individuals and groups influence the way an issue affecting the state is viewed and resolved.

    • SS.4.4.1.d Identify and use appropriate sources to investigate and analyze multiple perspectives of issues.

  • SS.4.4.2 The origins, structures, and functions of the Colorado government.

    • SS.4.4.2.a Explain the historical foundation and events that led to the Colorado Constitution and the formation of the three branches of Colorado government.

    • SS.4.4.2.b Identify and explain a variety of roles leaders, citizens, and others play in state government.

    • SS.4.4.2.c Identify and explain the services state government provides and how those services are funded.

    • SS.4.4.2.d Describe how the decisions of the state government affect local government and interact with federal law.

    • SS.4.4.2.e Describe how a citizen might engage in state government to demonstrate their rights or initiate change.