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Skills available for Idaho eighth-grade science standards

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1 Nature of Science

2 Physical Science

3 Biology

4 Earth and Space Systems

  • 4.1 Understand Scientific Theories of Origin and Subsequent Changes in the Universe and Earth Systems

    • 8-9.ES.4.1.1 Explain the current scientific theory that suggests that the solar system formed from a nebular cloud of dust and gas.

    • 8-9.ES.4.1.2 Identify methods used to estimate geologic time.

    • 8-9.ES.4.1.3 Show how interactions among the solid earth, oceans, atmosphere, and organisms have changed the earth system over time.

  • 4.2 Understand Geo-chemical Cycles and Energy in the Earth System

    • 8-9.ES.4.2.1 Explain the internal and external energy sources of the earth

5 Personal and Social Perspectives; Technology