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Skills available for Iowa sixth-grade social studies standards

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I Inquiry

BS Behavioral Sciences

E Economics

G Geography

H History

FL Financial Literacy

  • Develop Financial and Career Goals

    • FL.SS.6.24 Explain how personal financial decisions are influenced by an individual's interpretation of needs and wants.

  • Create a Saving and Spending Plan

    • FL.SS.6.25 Demonstrate how to allocate income for spending, saving and giving.

  • Analyze Credit and Debt Levels

    • FL.SS.6.26 Explain how debit cards differ from credit cards, gift cards, and savings accounts.

  • Evaluate Savings and Long Term Investments

    • FL.SS.6.27 Identify the advantages and disadvantages of various savings tools.

  • Measure Risk Management Tools

    • FL.SS.6.28 Describe how to protect one's identity from common threats.