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Skills available for Iowa seventh-grade social studies standards

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Constructing Compelling Questions

  • SS.7.1 Compare disciplinary concepts and ideas associated with a compelling question.

Constructing Supporting Questions

  • SS.7.2 Create supporting questions to help answer the compelling question in an inquiry.

Gathering and Evaluating Sources

  • SS.7.3 Gather relevant information from primary and secondary sources using the origin, authority, structure, and context of the sources to guide the selection.

  • SS.7.4 With guided practice, evaluate the credibility of primary and secondary sources by determining their relevance and intended use.

Developing Claims and Using Evidence

  • SS.7.5 With guided practice, identify evidence that draws information from multiple perspectives and sources to support claims, noting evidentiary limitations.

  • SS.7.6 With guided practice, develop claims and counterclaims while pointing out the strengths and limitations of both.

  • SS.7.7 With guided practice, construct arguments using claims and evidence from multiple sources.

Communicating and Critiquing Conclusions

  • SS.7.8 Independently construct responses to compelling questions supported by reasoning and evidence.

  • SS.7.9 Present original arguments based on credible sources using a variety of media to authentic audiences.

  • SS.7.10 With guided practice, analyze disciplinary arguments of peers for credibility.

Taking Informed Action

  • SS.7.11 Explain the challenges people face and opportunities they create in addressing local, regional, and global problems at various times and places.

  • SS.7.12 Apply a range of deliberative and democratic procedures to make decisions and take action in classrooms, schools, and communities.

BS Behavioral Sciences

  • Examine Factors that Led to Continuity and Change in Human and Group Behavior

    • BS.SS.7.13 Identify social, political and economic factors that can influence our thoughts and behavior.

  • Recognize the Interaction Between Individuals and Various Groups

    • BS.SS.7.14 Examine what causes inequalities and how they exist within a society.

CG Civics/Government

  • Analyze Civic and Political Institutions

    • CG.SS.7.15 Distinguish and apply the powers and responsibilities of global citizens, interest groups and the media in a variety of governmental and nongovernmental contexts.

    • CG.SS.7.16 Examine the origins, purposes, and impact of laws, treaties, and international agreements.

    • CG.SS.7.17 Describe the roles of political, civil, and economic organizations in shaping people's lives.

E Economics

G Geography

  • Analyze Human Population Movements and Patterns

    • G.SS.7.21 Evaluate the push and pull factors involved in human population movement and patterns.

  • Analyze Global Interconnections

H History

FL Financial Literacy

  • Develop Financial and Career Goals

    • FL.SS.7.28 Predict the relationship between financial goals and achievements.

  • Create a Saving and Spending Plan

    • FL.SS.7.29 Analyze how external factors, such as marketing and advertising techniques, might influence spending decisions.

  • Analyze Credit and Debt Levels

    • FL.SS.7.30 Explain an individual's rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

  • Evaluate Savings and Long Term Investments

    • FL.SS.7.31 Explain how an investment differs from a savings account in potential risks and returns.