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Skills available for Iowa eighth-grade social studies standards

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Constructing Compelling Questions

  • SS.8.1 Explain points of agreement and disagreement of disciplinary concepts and ideas associated with a compelling question.

Constructing Supporting Questions

  • SS.8.2 Construct supporting questions that demonstrate the relationship between them and the compelling question in an inquiry.

Gathering and Evaluating Sources

  • SS.8.3 Gather relevant information from multiple sources using the origin, authority, structure, context, and corroborative value of the sources to guide the selection.

  • SS.8.4 Independently, evaluate the credibility of primary and secondary sources by determining their relevance and intended use.

Developing Claims and Using Evidence

  • SS.8.5 Independently, identify evidence that draws information from multiple perspectives and sources to support claims, noting evidentiary limitations.

  • SS.8.6 Independently, develop claims and counterclaims while pointing out the strengths and limitations of both.

  • SS.8.7 Independently, construct arguments using claims and evidence from multiple sources.

Communicating and Critiquing Conclusions

  • SS.8.8 Construct responses to compelling questions supported by reasoning and evidence while acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of the explanations.

  • SS.8.9 Present original arguments based on credible sources using a variety of media to authentic audiences.

  • SS.8.10 Independently, analyze disciplinary arguments of peers for credibility.

Taking Informed Action

  • SS.8.11 Analyze how a specific problem can manifest itself at the local, regional, and global levels over time, identifying its characteristics and causes, and the challenges and opportunities faced by those trying to address the problem.

  • SS.8.12 Apply a range of deliberative and democratic procedures to make decisions and take action in classrooms, schools, and communities.

CG Civics/Government

E Economics

G Geography

H History

FL Financial Literacy

  • Create a Saving and Spending Plan

    • FL.SS.8.26 Discuss the components of a personal spending plan, including income, planned saving and expenses.

  • Analyze Credit and Debt Levels

    • FL.SS.8.27 Calculate the cost of borrowing money for different types of goods.

  • Evaluate Savings and Long Term Investments

    • FL.SS.8.28 Explain how investing may build wealth and help meet financial goals.

  • Measure Risk Management Tools

    • FL.SS.8.29 Identify ways insurance may minimize personal financial risk.