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Skills available for Louisiana eighth-grade social studies standards

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  • 1 Students use information and concepts to analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions from historical events.

    • 8.1.1 Produce clear and coherent writing for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences by:

      • Conducting historical research

      • Evaluating a broad variety of primary and secondary sources

      • Determining the meaning of words and phrases from historical texts

      • Recognizing varied points of view within historical context

    • 8.1.2 Construct and interpret a timeline of key events in Louisiana history and describe how they connect to United States and world events

  • 2 Students analyze how the contributions of key events, ideas, and people influenced the development of modern Louisiana.

    • 8.2.1 Describe the contributions of explorers and early settlement groups to the development of Louisiana

    • 8.2.2 Explain the importance of the Mississippi River as it relates to historical events throughout Louisiana's history

    • 8.2.3 Analyze push-pull factors for migration/settlement patterns of Louisiana's inhabitants from French colonization to statehood in 1812

    • 8.2.4 Explain how differences and similarities among ethnic groups in colonial Louisiana contributed to cooperation and conflict

    • 8.2.5 Analyze causes and effects of major events and evaluate their impact on the growth and development of Louisiana

    • 8.2.6 Identify and describe economic, social, and political characteristics of Louisiana during the Antebellum/plantation economy, the Civil War, and the Reconstruction eras

    • 8.2.7 Explain major social, political, and economic changes that affected Louisiana during the Progressive, Great Depression, and Huey Long eras

    • 8.2.8 Investigate and describe the impact of World War II on Louisiana's social, political, and economic systems

    • 8.2.9 Describe the Civil Rights movement in Louisiana and analyze how it changed the course of Louisiana's history

    • 8.2.10 Predict ways in which Louisiana will continue to grow toward economic, cultural, and political diversity in the 21st century


  • 3 Students develop spatial understanding through the study of location, distance, direction, pattern, shape, and arrangement.

    • 8.3.1 Locate and describe the physical and political features of Louisiana

    • 8.3.2 Use maps, charts, and diagrams to ask and answer questions about Louisiana's geographic features

    • 8.3.3 Apply knowledge of geography skills and terms to:

      • create maps and diagrams

      • plot latitude and longitudinal coordinates

      • read and interpret a map

      • use a map to compare Louisiana's time zone in relation to time zones around the world

  • 4 Students analyze the relationships between cultural groups and physical features of Louisiana.

    • 8.4.1 Analyze how the physical features and natural resources of Louisiana affected the migration patterns of cultural groups

    • 8.4.2 Describe the causes and effects of cultural diffusion and its impact on diversity in early Louisiana

    • 8.4.3 Explain ways in which inventions and technological advances have affected Louisiana's culture

  • 5 Students analyze the effects of the environment on people and places in Louisiana.

    • 8.5.1 Describe how natural phenomena impact the physical environment of Louisiana

    • 8.5.2 Analyze and predict consequences of environment modifications on Louisiana and its inhabitants



  • 9 Students analyze Louisiana's natural, human, and capital resources and their connection to the past and present economy.

    • 8.9.1 Analyze the role of specialization in Louisiana's economy

    • 8.9.2 Apply the laws of supply and demand to demonstrate the effects on Louisiana products and resources

    • 8.9.3 Analyze and explain factors affecting the production and allocation of goods and services in Louisiana, the United States, and the world

  • 10 Students use economic knowledge and skills to make decisions as individuals, families, groups, or businesses in the interdependent and changing state, nation, and world.