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Skills available for Massachusetts third-grade social studies standards

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New England and Massachusetts

Cities and Towns of Massachusetts

  • 3.8 On a map of Massachusetts, locate the class's home town or city and its local geographic features and landmarks.

  • 3.9 Identify historic buildings, monuments, or sites in the area and explain their purpose and significance.

  • 3.10 Explain the meaning of the stars and stripes in the American flag, and describe official procedures for the care and display of the flag.

  • 3.11 Identify when the students' own town or city was founded, and describe the different groups of people who have settled in the community since its founding.

  • 3.12 Explain how objects or artifacts of every day life in the past tell us how ordinary people lived and how everyday life has changed. Draw on the services of the local historical society and local museums as needed.

  • 3.13 Give examples of goods and services provided by their local businesses and industries.

  • 3.14 Give examples of tax-supported facilities and services provided by their local government, such as public schools, parks, recreational facilities, police and fire departments, and libraries.