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Skills available for Massachusetts third-grade social studies standards

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History and Geography

Civics and Government

  • 6 Give examples of why it is necessary for communities to have governments (e.g., governments provide order and protect rights).

  • 7 Give examples of the different ways people in a community can influence their local government (e.g., by voting, running for office, or participating in meetings).


  • 8 Define what a tax is and the purposes for taxes, and with the help of their teachers and parents, give examples of different kinds of taxes (e.g., property, sales, or income taxes).

  • 9 Define specialization in jobs and businesses and give examples of specialized businesses in the community.

  • 10 Define barter, give examples of bartering (e.g., trading baseball cards with each other),and explain how money makes it easier for people to get things they want.