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Skills available for Minnesota second-grade science standards

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1 The Nature of Science and Engineering

  • 1 The Practice of Science

    • 2 Scientific inquiry is a set of interrelated processes incorporating multiple approaches that are used to pose questions about the natural world and investigate phenomena.

      • Raise questions about the natural world and seek answers by making careful observations, noting what happens when you interact with an object, and sharing the answers with others.

  • 2 The Practice of Engineering

    • 2 Engineering design is the process of identifying a problem and devising a product or process to solve the problem.

      • Identify a need or problem and construct an object that helps to meet the need or solve the problem.

      • Describe why some materials are better than others for making a particular object and how materials that are better in some ways may be worse in other ways.

      • Explain how engineered or designed items from everyday life benefit people.

2 Physical Science

3 Earth and Space Science

4 Life Science