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Skills available for Minnesota eighth-grade science standards

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1 The Nature of Science and Engineering

2 Physical Science

  • 1 Matter

    • 1 Pure substances can be identified by properties which are independent of the sample of the substance and the properties can be explained by a model of matter that is composed of small particles.

    • 2 Substances can undergo physical and chemical changes which may change the properties of the substance but do not change the total mass in a closed system.

      • Identify evidence of chemical changes, including color change, generation of a gas, solid formation and temperature change.

      • Distinguish between chemical and physical changes in matter.

      • Use the particle model of matter to explain how mass is conserved during physical and chemical changes in a closed system.

      • Recognize that acids are compounds whose properties include a sour taste, characteristic color changes with litmus and other acid/base indicators, and the tendency to react with bases to produce a salt and water.

  • 3 Energy

    • 1 Waves involve the transfer of energy without the transfer of matter.

      • Explain how seismic waves transfer energy through the layers of the Earth and across its surface.

3 Earth and Space Science