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Skills available for Minnesota third-grade science standards

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1 The Nature of Science and Engineering

2 Physical Science

  • 3 Energy

    • 1 Energy appears in different forms, including sound and light.

      • Explain the relationship between the pitch of a sound, the rate of vibration of the source and factors that affect pitch.

      • Explain how shadows form and can change in various ways.

      • Describe how light travels in a straight line until it is absorbed, redirected, reflected or allowed to pass through an object.

3 Earth and Space Science

  • 3 The Universe

    • 1 The sun and moon have locations and movements that can be observed and described.

      • Observe and describe the daily and seasonal changes in the position of the sun and compare observations.

      • Recognize the pattern of apparent changes in the moon's shape and position.

    • 2 Objects in the solar system as seen from Earth have various sizes and distinctive patterns of motion.

      • Demonstrate how a large light source at a great distance looks like a small light that is much closer.

      • Recognize that the Earth is one of several planets that orbit the sun, and that the moon orbits the Earth.

4 Life Science