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Skills available for Minnesota fourth-grade science standards

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1 The Nature of Science and Engineering

2 Physical Science

3 Earth and Space Science

  • 1 Earth Structure and Processes

  • 2 Interdependence Within the Earth System

    • 3 Water circulates through the Earth's crust, oceans and atmosphere in what is known as the water cycle.

  • 4 Human Interactions with Earth Systems

    • 1 In order to improve their existence, humans interact with and influence Earth systems.

      • Describe how the methods people utilize to obtain and use water in their homes and communities can affect water supply and quality.

4 Life Science

  • 4 Human Interactions with Living Systems

    • 2 Microorganisms can get inside one's body and they may keep it from working properly.

      • Recognize that the body has defense systems against germs, including tears, saliva, skin and blood.

      • Give examples of diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.