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Skills available for Mississippi seventh-grade science standards

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L.7 Life Science

P.7 Physical Science

E.7 Earth and Space Science

  • DCI.E.7.9 Earth's Systems and Cycles

    • E.7.9A Students will demonstrate an understanding of how complex changes in the movement and patterns of air and water molecules caused by the sun, winds, landforms, ocean temperatures, and currents in the atmosphere are major determinants of local and global weather patterns.

    • E.7.9B Students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between natural phenomena, human activity, and global climate change.

      • E.7.9B.1 Read and evaluate scientific or technical information assessing the evidence and bias of each source to explain the causes and effects of climate change.

      • E.7.9B.2 Interpret data about the relationship between the release of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels into the atmosphere and the presence of greenhouse gases.

      • E.7.9B.3 Engage in scientific argument based on current evidence to determine whether climate change happens naturally or is being accelerated through the influence of man.

    • E.7.9C Students will demonstrate an understanding that the seasons are the direct result of the Earth's tilt and the intensity of sunlight on the Earth's hemispheres.