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Skills available for Mississippi fifth-grade science standards

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L.5 Life Science

P.5 Physical Science

E.5 Earth and Space Science

  • DCI.E.5.8 Earth and the Universe

    • E.5.8A Students will demonstrate an understanding of the locations of objects in the universe.

      • E.5.8A.1 Develop and use scaled models of Earth's solar system to demonstrate the size, composition (i.e., rock or gas), location, and order of the planets as they orbit the Sun.

      • E.5.8A.2 Use evidence to argue why the sun appears brighter than other stars.

      • E.5.8A.3 Describe how constellations appear to move from Earth's perspective throughout the seasons (e.g., Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and Orion).

      • E.5.8A.4 Construct scientific arguments to support claims about the importance of astronomy in navigation and exploration, including the use of telescopes, compasses, and star charts.

    • E.5.8B Students will demonstrate an understanding of the principles that govern moon phases, day and night, appearance of objects in the sky, and seasonal changes.

      • E.5.8B.1 Analyze and interpret data from observations and research (e.g., from NASA, NOAA, or the USGS) to explain patterns in the location, movement, and appearance of the moon throughout a month and over the course of a year.

      • E.5.8B.2 Develop and use a model of the Earth-Sun-Moon system to analyze the cyclic patterns of lunar phases, solar and lunar eclipses, and seasons.

      • E.5.8B.3 Develop and use models to explain the factors (e.g., tilt, revolution, and angle of sunlight) that result in Earth's seasonal changes.

      • E.5.8B.4 Obtain information and analyze how our understanding of the solar system has evolved over time (e.g., Earth-centered model of Aristotle and Ptolemy compared to the Sun-centered model of Copernicus and Galileo).

  • DCI.E.5.10 Earth's Resources

    • E.5.10 Students will demonstrate an understanding of the effects of human interaction with Earth and how Earth's natural resources can be protected and conserved.