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Skills available for Mississippi kindergarten social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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CI.K Civics

  • CI.K.1 Examine how individuals play different roles and exercise good citizenship.

    • CI.K.1.1 Identify characteristics of a good citizen.

    • CI.K.1.2 Propose ways on how to be a good citizen at home and in the classroom.

  • CI.K.2 Demonstrate knowledge of how to be a good citizen.

    • CI.K.2.1 Define citizen, citizenship, rights, and responsibilities.

    • CI.K.2.2 Name rights and responsibilities of individuals.

    • CI.K.2.3 Distinguish the difference between rights and responsibilities.

    • CI.K.2.4 Identify the role of rules.

    • CI.K.2.5 Explain the role of consequences when rules are not followed.

  • CI.K.3 Describe the role and responsibilities of authority figures.

E.K Economics

  • E.K.1 Identify and explain the function of money.

    • E.K.1.1 Recognize monetary units.

    • E.K.1.2 Distinguish between spending and saving.

    • E.K.1.3 Illustrate how money is used in daily life.

  • E.K.2 Distinguish between goods and services.

  • E.K.3 Differentiate between needs and wants of individuals.

CR.K Civil Rights

  • CR.K.1 Explore the similarities and differences of individuals and families.

  • CR.K.2 Describe and explain traditions and contributions of various cultures.

    • CR.K.2.1 Define culture.

    • CR.K.2.2 Recognize ways people celebrate their diverse cultural heritage (literature, language, games, songs, dances, holidays, etc.).

    • CR.K.2.3 Analyze ways people celebrate their diverse cultural heritage.

  • CR.K.3 Explain the cultural diversity in the classroom.

    • CR.K.3.1 Identify unity and diversity.

    • CR.K.3.2 Identify different types of cultural diversity within the classroom.

    • CR.K.3.3 Propose different ways to encourage unity and diversity at home and within the classroom.

G.K Geography

  • G.K.1 Identify a sense of place relative to an individual.

    • G.K.1.1 Create a map to identify locations of familiar places.

    • G.K.1.2 Demonstrate terms related to location, direction, size, and distance (up, down, left, right, far, near, etc.).

  • G.K.2 Describe physical features of the environment.

  • G.K.3 Recognize maps, graphs, and other representations of the earth.

    • G.K.3.1 Explain representations of the earth using technology, maps, and globes.

    • G.K.3.2 Identify cardinal and intermediate directions (e.g., north, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, east, and west).

    • G.K.3.3 Locate the local community, Mississippi and the United States using maps and globes.

H.K History