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Skills available for Mississippi sixth-grade social studies standards

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CI.6 Civics

  • CI.6.1 Understand the various roles and expectations of citizens throughout the world and apply that understanding to their role as a citizen of their community, state, and nation.

    • CI.6.1.1 Determine how citizenship roles vary within different political structures including but not limited to democratic, totalitarian, and monarchical systems.

    • CI.6.1.2 Explore how citizenship roles vary based on the population, size, and geographic position of a state including but not limited to federal, confederate, and unitary systems.

    • CI.6.1.3 Compare and contrast the many forms of citizenship including, but not limited to: responsible financial activity, active and passive participation in government, being aware of important issues and challenges, and the responsible use of resources.

    • CI.6.1.4 Examine basic human rights and liberties that are at the core of American culture and compare those rights to those listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • CI.6.2 Examine the challenges of civic engagement in the contemporary world.

    • CI.6.2.1 Compare the positive and negative impacts of changing technologies on expanding the role of citizens throughout the world and the challenges posed by new media sources to obtaining reliable information upon which to make decisions.

    • CI.6.2.2 Evaluate how globalization has changed the rights and responsibilities of citizens in relation to economic disparity and equity.

    • CI.6.2.3 Assess how growing concerns about security have impacted civil liberty protections.

E.6 Economics

  • E.6.1 Explain the concept of natural resources and how people use and value them.

    • E.6.1.1 Explain the difference between a "substance" that occurs in the natural environment and a "resource" that has valuable.

    • E.6.1.2 Identify and explain the characteristics of renewable and non-renewable resources.

    • E.6.1.3 Identify the locations and uses of important resources in the contemporary world.

  • E.6.2 Explain the geographic patterns of economic interactions.

CR.6 Civil Rights

G.6 Geography

H.6 History