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Skills available for Mississippi fifth-grade social studies standards

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CI.5 Civics

  • CI.5.1 Explain how weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation led to the Constitution.

    • CI.5.1.1 List the problems of the Articles of Confederation such as lack of executive branch, no taxation power, and weak central government.

    • CI.5.1.2 Identify the contributions of the Northwest Ordinance.

    • CI.5.1.3 Identify the ideology of Federalists and Anti-Federalists facts.

    • CI.5.1.4 Describe the plans and compromises that contributed to the creation of the Constitution.

    • CI.5.1.5 Explain the features of the Bill of Rights.

  • CI.5.2 Demonstrate respect for the rights of others in discussion and classroom debates.

    • CI.5.2.1 Participate in negotiating and compromising in the resolution of differences and conflict.

E.5 Economics

  • E.5.1 Examine the various types of resources required to provide goods and services.

    • E.5.1.1 Identify the major resources of the US to determine the major industries of those countries in relation to available resources.

    • E.5.1.2 Examine why certain products are manufactured in particular places, taking into account the weight, transportation availability, costs, and markets.

  • E.5.2 Explain how currently makes exchange easier by comparing a bartering economy to a currency-based economy.

    • E.5.2.1 Explore the characteristics of a traditional economy.

    • E.5.2.2 Examine products that are imported into markets within the US based on demand for these products, nothing how this affects the US economy.

    • E.5.2.3 Distinguish products that are exported from the US to other markets in the Western Hemisphere, noting how this affects the US economy.

    • E.5.2.4 Examine the meaning of unemployment, inflation, income, and economic growth in the economy.

CR.5 Civil Rights

  • CR.5.1 Identify ways that people in roles of power can influence people's rights and freedom.

    • CR.5.1.1 Examine at least one group of people, such as Native Americans, African Americans, women, or another cultural, ethic, or racial minority in the Western Hemisphere, who have struggled for equality and civil rights.

  • CR.5.2 Describe and explain traditions and contributions of various cultures.

    • CR.5.2.1 Define culture.

    • CR.5.2.2 Recognize ways people celebrate their diverse cultural heritage (literature, language, games, songs, dances, holidays, etc.).

    • CR.5.2.3 Analyze ways people celebrate their diverse cultural heritage.

G.5 Geography

H.5 History