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Skills available for Mississippi fifth-grade social studies standards

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CI.5 Civics

  • CI.5.1 Explain how weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation led to the Constitution.

    • CI.5.1.1 List the problems of the Articles of Confederation such as lack of executive branch, no taxation power, and weak central government.

    • CI.5.1.2 Identify the contributions of the Northwest Ordinance.

    • CI.5.1.3 Identify the ideology of Federalists and Anti-Federalists facts.

    • CI.5.1.4 Describe the plans and compromises that contributed to the creation of the Constitution.

    • CI.5.1.5 Explain the features of the Bill of Rights.

  • CI.5.2 Demonstrate respect for the rights of others in discussion and classroom debates.

    • CI.5.2.1 Participate in negotiating and compromising in the resolution of differences and conflict.

E.5 Economics

  • E.5.1 Examine the various types of resources required to provide goods and services.

    • E.5.1.1 Identify the major resources of the US to determine the major industries of those countries in relation to available resources.

    • E.5.1.2 Examine why certain products are manufactured in particular places, taking into account the weight, transportation availability, costs, and markets.

  • E.5.2 Explain how currency makes exchange easier by comparing a bartering economy to a currency-based economy.

    • E.5.2.1 Explore the characteristics of a traditional economy.

    • E.5.2.2 Examine products that are imported into markets within the US based on demand for these products, nothing how this affects the US economy.

    • E.5.2.3 Distinguish products that are exported from the US to other markets in the Western Hemisphere, noting how this affects the US economy.

    • E.5.2.4 Examine the meaning of unemployment, inflation, income, and economic growth in the economy.

CR.5 Civil Rights

G.5 Geography

H.5 History