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Skills available for Nebraska fourth-grade social studies standards

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Students will develop and apply the skills of civic responsibility to make informed decisions based upon knowledge of government at local, state, national and international levels.

  • Forms and Functions of Government

    • SS 4.1.1 Students will identify and explain the foundation, structure, and function of Nebraska's government.

      • SS 4.1.1.a Explain the historical foundation and the events that led to the formation and structure of Nebraska's government (e.g., modeled from U.S. government, three branches of government)

      • SS 4.1.1.b Describe the origin, structure, and function of Nebraska's unicameral government

      • SS 4.1.1.c Understand how a bill becomes a law in the Nebraska unicameral

      • SS 4.1.1.d Identify and explain a variety of roles leaders, citizens, and others play in the Nebraska government

  • Civic Participation

    • SS 4.1.2 Students will investigate how different perspectives impact government decisions at the state level.

      • SS 4.1.2.a Identify rights and responsibilities of citizens (e.g., voting, public service projects) at the state level

      • SS 4.1.2.b Explain the meaning of state symbols, songs and holidays (e.g., Nebraska State Flag, "Beautiful Nebraska", Statehood Day, George Norris Day)

      • SS 4.1.2.c Identify ways students can be engaged to have an impact in their state.

      • SS 4.1.2.d Describe how various individuals and groups influence the way an issue affecting the state is viewed and resolved (e.g., lobbying, petitions, media, social media)

      • SS 4.1.2.e Identify state leaders and the impact of their decisions that effect public policy