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Skills available for Nebraska fourth-grade social studies standards

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Students will utilize economic reasoning skills to make informed judgments and become effective participants in the economy at the local, state, national and international levels.

  • Markets

  • Institutions

  • Financial Literacy

    • SS 4.2.6 Students will understand that banks are institutions where people save money and earn interest, and where other people borrow money and pay interest.

      • SS 4.2.6.a Identify the costs and benefits of saving, interest, and borrowing

  • Government

    • SS 4.2.10 Students will understand what goods and services state governments provide.

      • SS 4.2.10.a Identify goods and services funded through state taxes (e.g., highways, universities, human services, unemployment, courts)

  • Globalization

    • SS 4.2.12 Students will recognize and explain specialization and why different regions produce different goods and services.

      • SS 4.2.12.a Compare Nebraska with different regions and the goods and services each region produces (e.g., beef, wheat, telemarketing, cotton, coal)

      • SS 4.2.12.b Discuss how technology has affected the specialization of Nebraska's economy and surrounding states