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Skills available for Nebraska seventh-grade social studies standards

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7.1 Civics

7.2 Economics

  • National Economy

    • 7.2.4 Investigate how varying economic systems impact individuals in a civilization/society.

      • 7.2.4.a Compare and contrast characteristics of different socio-economic groups in economic systems.

      • 7.2.4.b Identify the relationships between diverse socio-economic groups and their economic systems in the modern world.

    • 7.2.5 Analyze information using appropriate data to draw conclusions about the total production, income, and economic growth in various economies.

      • 7.2.5.a Define the government's role in various economic systems.

      • 7.2.5.b Identify various economic indicators that governments use to measure modern world societies, nations, and cultures.

      • 7.2.5.c Categorize goods and services provided in modern societies, nations, and cultures into the four factors of production.

  • Global Economy

    • 7.2.6 Illustrate how international trade impacts individuals, organizations, and nations/societies.

      • 7.2.6.a Explain how individuals gain through specialization and voluntary trade and how international trade affects the domestic economy.

7.3 Geography

7.4 History