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Skills available for Nevada second-grade social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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1 Constructing compelling questions

  • 1.SS.2.1 With prompting and support, generate compelling questions to explore national identity and culture.

2 Creating supporting questions

  • 2.SS.2.2 With prompting and support, generate supporting questions related to compelling questions.

3 Gathering and evaluating sources

  • 3.SS.2.3 With prompting and support, analyze multiple primary sources to determine point of view and perspective.

4 Developing claims and using evidence

  • 4.SS.2.4 With prompting and support, construct responses to compelling questions using reasoning, examples, and relevant details.

5 Communicating and critiquing conclusions

  • 5.SS.2.5 With prompting and support, construct organized explanations for various audiences and purposes.

  • 5.SS.2.6 With prompting and support, participate in a structured academic discussion using reasoning.

6 Taking informed action

  • 6.SS.2.7 With prompting and support, list and discuss group or individual action to help address local, regional, and/or national problems.

  • 6.SS.2.8 With prompting and support, use deliberative and democratic procedures to take action about an issue in your community.

H History

M Multicultural

C Civics

  • Analyze civic and political institutions

  • Apply civic dispositions and democratic principles

    • C.SS.2.18 Determine the civic virtues and democratic principles that have influenced the U.S.

    • C.SS.2.19 Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

G Geography

  • Create geographic representations

  • Evaluate human environment interaction

    • G.SS.2.22 Examine how environmental characteristics shape the development of the nation.

  • Analyze human population, movements, and patterns

E Economics

  • Evaluate the national economy

    • E.SS.2.24 Identify times in the nation's history when scarce resources led to conflict.

    • E.SS.2.25 Identify how natural resources were used to produce goods and services in the past and present.