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Skills available for Nevada sixth-grade social studies standards

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Early World Civilizations (prior to 1500)

World Geography & Global Studies

Early U.S. History & Civic Ideals

Financial Literacy

  • Financial decision-making

    • SS.6-8.FL.1 Prioritize and evaluate personal finance goals based on needs and wants.

    • SS.6-8.FL.2 Investigate consequences of potential financial decisions to make reasoned financial choices.

    • SS.6-8.FL.3 Describe the services offered by various financial institutions, and government agencies, including but not limited to: Matching Grant Money for College, Prepaid College Tuition, and 529 College Savings Plan.

  • Savings and spending

    • SS.6-8.FL.4 Discuss the components of a personal budget - including income, planned spending, expenses, and saving.

  • Credit and debt

    • SS.6-8.FL.5 Explain how debit cards differ from credit cards.

    • SS.6-8.FL.6 Explain an individual's rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

    • SS.6-8.FL.7 Discuss the cost of borrowing money for different types of goods and services, including but not limited to: consumables, vehicles, higher education, and housing.

  • Insurance, investing, and risk

    • SS.6-8.FL.8 Investigate ways to prevent and limit the consequences of identity theft and fraud.

    • SS.6-8.FL.9 Explain how some investments differ from traditional savings accounts in potential risks and returns.

  • College and career preparedness

    • SS.6-8.FL.10 Identify college and career options and their effect on income and unemployment.

    • SS.6-8.FL.11 Identify important academic requirements for financing postsecondary programs, including but not limited to: Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program, Nevada Prepaid Tuition, and 529 College Savings Programs.