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Skills available for New Mexico second-grade science standards

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I Scientific Thinking and Practice

II Content of Science

III Science and Society

  • I Understand how scientific discoveries, inventions, practices, and knowledge influence, and are influenced by, individuals and societies.

    • I Describe how science influences decisions made by individuals and societies.

      • 1 Describe ways to prevent the spread of germs (e.g., soap, bleach, cooking).

      • 2 Know that science has ways to help living things avoid sickness or recover from sickness (e.g., vaccinations, medicine) and adult supervision is needed to administer them.

      • 3 Know that some materials are better than others for making particular things (e.g., paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, fiberglass, wood).

      • 4 Understand that everybody can do science, invent things, and formulate ideas.

      • 5 Know that science has discovered many things about objects, events, and nature and that there are many more questions to be answered.